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We offer libraries of Agrobacteriumto help scientists find the right strain for their project. We often breed or select specific plant species for their tissue culture or transformation properties, but very few people consider the diversity within the Rhizobium.

MAMP These strains have specific microbe-associated molecular pattern (MAMPs) changes. These include EF-Tu, flagellin, cold shock protein, and others found in the literature.

Species-Specific These strains may have MAMP changes, but also have been created to be more specific to a specific species. These changes are meant to make Agrobacterium more similar to the machinery of that species. Some strains also have additional genes or pathways to help break down immune responses specific to a certain species.

Transposon Much is still unknown when it comes to host-limiting factors in Agrobacterium. We offer transposon libraries to speed up research when it comes to determining what factors are impacting your specific specie's transformation.

Mutagenesis Transposons are useful for interrupting genes in Agrobacterium, but other mutation strategies that modify the protein sequence are useful for essential genes in Agrobacterium that are recognized by a plant's immune system.

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