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As of 2022, we know of ~200 strains of Agrobacterium. We hope to maintain information, references, and availability on this page.











StrainChromosomal BackgroundTi/Ri PlasmidMarker genesOncogenecityOpine UtilizationOpineSourceReference
AT4pAt-542(a,c)pTi-542+-J. A. Lippincott
A543pTi-542+AT4 in planta w/ A136
AG19pAt-AG19(a,b)J. A. Lippincott
AG19 TrpAt-AG19bA200 with plasmid of AG19
T10/73A++NopalineL. W. Moore
A532A200 with plasmid from T10/73A
Chry5SuccinamopineChrysanthemum morifolium RamR. E. Stall, University of Florida
Bo542SuccinamopineDahliaR. O. Morris, University of Missouri
A281A136pTiBo542rif++SuccinamopinepTiBo542 in A136L. D. Owens
AT-181SuccinamopineDahliaR. N, Goodman, University of Missouri
C58NopalinePrunus (cherry)J. A. Lippincott, Northwestern UniversityR Dickey
T37NopalineJuglansE. W. Nester, University of Washington
A208A136pTiT37NopalineR. O. Morris, University of Missouri
Ach5OctopineAchillea millefolium L.J. A. Lippincott, Northwestern University
CG1COctopinePyrus communis L.L. Moore, Oregon State University
B6OctopineMalus domestica BorkhA. G. Matthysse, University of North Carolina
NT-1(B6)NT-1pTiB6OctopineW. B. Gurley, University of Florida
A6OctopineRubus occidentalis L.E. W. Nester, University of Washington
A348A136pTiA6OctopineE. W. Nester, University of Washington
B2AOctopineLycopersicon esculentum MillR. O. Morris, University of Missouri
15955OctopineW. B. Gurley, University of Florida
NT-1(15995)NT-1pTi15955OctopineW. B. Gurley, University of Florida
S1005OctopineW. B. Gurley, University of Florida
Ag63OctopineVitis vinifera L.R. N, Goodman, University of Missouri
Tm-4OctopineVitis vinifera L.E. Szegedi, Institute for Viticulture, Hungary
AT-1NopalineVitis vinifera L.R. N, Goodman, University of Missouri
338L. D. Owens, USDA, Beltsville
Ag57Vitis vinifera L.
CG64Vitis vinifera L.
NT1-A1NTI (pAgk84::Tn5)3
LBA4404TiAch5pAL4404rif, Spec and Strep Octopine
GV2260C58pGV2260 (pTiB6S3deltaT-DNA)rif, carb Octopine32
C58C1C58Cured Nopaline33
GV3100C58Cured Nopaline34
A136C58Cured rif and nal Nopaline 35
GV3101C58Cured rif Nopaline 34
GV3850C58pGV3850 (pTiC58deltaonc.genes)rif, carbNopaline 36
GV3101::pMP90C58pMP90 (pTiC58deltaT-DNA)rif, gentNopaline6
GV3101::pMP90RKC58pMP90RK (pTiC58CdeltaT-DNA)rif, gent and kan Nopaline 6
EHA101C58pEHA101 (pTiBo542deltaT-DNA)rif, kan Nopaline37
EHA105C58pEHA105 (pTiBo542deltaT-DNA)rifSuccinamopine38
AGL-1C58, RecApTiBo542deltaT-DNArif, carb Succinamopine39
B6Apple gall, IowaKersters 1973
B6-806Derived from B6Beardsley 1955
B6-V87Derived from B6 LW Moore, personal communication
209Tomato gall, California JE DeVay, personal communication
15955Sibling isolate of 209 JE DeVay, personal communication
A6 Black Raspeberry gall, Iowa AC Hildebrandt, personal communication; Hendrickson 1934
5GlyFeAvirDerived from A6 after glycine attenutation AC Braun, personal communication
B2ADerived from B2, isolated from tomato gall, Iowa Stonier 1960
NCPPB 1001Vitis Vinifera gall, Rumania Kersters 1973
C58 Cherry gall, New York R Dickey, personal communication
27912 or ID135Soil under infected Peach Tree Kado 1972
IIB and IIBV7 Chrysantheum all, Germany AC Braun, personal communication
T37 Walnut gall, California Hendrickson 1934
H100Hops gall, Wisconsin T Stonier 1960
27Poplar gall, Scotland Kean 1970
223Unknown, New Zealand Kean 1970
84Soil under infected Peach Tree, AustraliaNew and Kerr 1972
EU6Euonymus gall, Conneticut AC Braun, personal communication
AT181Poplar gall, Washington DCAC Braun, personal communication
Bo542 Dahlia gall, Germany G Melchers, personal communication
AT4Dahlia gall, Germany; orginially same strain as Bo542Lippincott 1973 and records of Biologische Bundeanshalt, Berlin
AG19 Grape gall, Greece JA Lippincott, personal communication
T10/73ARose gall, Oregon LW Moore, personal communication
IIBpAt-IIBa/pAt-IIBb--AC Braun
IIBV7pTi-IIBV7++JA Lippincott
T37pTi-T37/pAt-T37++JA Lippincott
A208pTi-T37++Conjugation in planta of T37 with A136 and selection for oncogenicity
H100pTi-H100/pAT-H100++AC Braun
27pAT-27/pTi-27++A Kerr
A-178pTi-T37++Conjugation in planta of 27 with A136 and selection for oncogenicity
A203pTi-223++Conjugation in planta of 223 with A136 and selection for oncogenicity
84pAt-84a/pAt-84b-+A Kerr
A323pAt-84b-+Transformation by plasmid from 84 and selection for nop
EU6pTi-EU6/pAt-EU6++AC Braun
A518pTi-EU6 ++Transformation of A200 by plasmid from EU6 and selection for nop
AT181pTi-AT181/pAt-AT181++JA Lippincott
A519pAt-AT181++Transformation of A200 by plasmid from AT181 and selection for nop
Bo542pAt-542a,b,c+-G Melchers
A281pTi-542+-Congugation in planta of Bo542 with A136 and selection for oncogenicity
B6-806pTi-B6-806/pAt-B6-806+-JA Lippincott
A217pAt-B6-806--Treatment of B6-806with nitrosogidine and selection for oct
A277pTi-B6-806 +-Congugation in planta of B6-806 with A136 and selection for oncogenicity
B6 pTi-B6-T/pAt-B6-T+-J Tourneur
B6M5pAt-B6-T--Spontaneous variety of B6J Touneur
A552pTi-B6-T +-Transformation of A200 by plasmid from B6 and selection for oct
B6-V87pTi-B6+-LW Moore
209pTi-15955+-C Rogler
A6pTi-A6S+-RA Schilperoort
A6NCpTi-A6S+-Spontaneous nonclumping variety of A6, SKF
A6pTi-A6M+-A Matthysse
5GlyFeAvirpTi-A6+-glycine attenuated A6AC Braun
B2ApTi-B2A+-C Pootjes
NCPPB 1001pTi-1001+-A Kerr
C58pTi-C58++R Hamilton
A174pTi-C58++Conjugation in planta of C58 with A136 and selection for oncogenitcity
A321pTi-C58++Transformation of A200 by plasmid
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