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Custom strains

We offer three broad services for creating custom Agrobacterium strains. These requests are typically for auxotrophy, removal of a host-range limiting factor, or editing genes controlling antibiotic resistance.

Base editing

Base editing is ideal for testing the role of different amino acids within proteins of Agrobacterium or disrupting expression of specific genes.

Homologous recombination

Homologous recombination is useful for inserting, removing, or replacing large stretches of DNA, whether in the genome of Agrobacterium or located on the Ti plasmid. For disarming requests, this is the best option.

Integrase Technology

Phages are known to harbor specific integrases or recombinases for delivery DNA to their bacterial target. Through understanding these proteins, we have developed tools to integrate DNA into Agrobacterium. Site-specific, large pathways, and recycling of antibiotics is possible. We have a novel integrase that works at a high efficiency, making a total of 12 integrations possible.

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