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Disarmed strains

The follow disarmed strains are available. These strains possess the ability to transfer T-DNA located on a binary plasmid and lack the ability to transfer their native T-DNA.

These are disarmed, or for use in delivering your DNA of interest via binary or ternary systems.

AGL1 (C58, pTiBo542, recA)

EHA101 (C58, pTiBo542, Kanamycin resistant)

EHA105 (C58, pTiBo542)

EHA105 (contains pPH1JI, spectinomycin and gentamicin resistant)


KYRT1 (partially or 1 T-DNA disarmed)

MoPa1 (full disarmed KYRT1)

LBA4404 (original)

MoPa2 LBA4404 (no transposon, clean deletion)

MoPa3 Bo542 (Bo542, pTiBo542)

MoPa4 K599 (K599, pRi2659)

MoPa5 R1000 (C58, pRiA4)

MoPa6 T37 (T37, pTiT37)

MoPa7 Mo1 (Mo1, pTiBo542/pRiA4/ori)

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