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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you ship Agrobacterium strains?

2. Are these strains characterized?

3. Is this Agrobacterium?

4. What plasmids work in Agrobacterium?

5. Will Agrobacterium work for my crop?

6. Why is Agrobacterium important for plant biotechnology?

7. How do I make Agrobacterium competent (electrocompetent) cells?

8. How does Agrobacterium work?

9. How does Agrobacterium relate to genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?

10. Why is homologous recombination useful?

11. What does it mean to make a species-specific strain?

12. How large of changes can you do with Agrobacterium?

13. What is the difference between binary, ternary, and quaternary systems?

14. Why use integrase technology over allelic exchange?

15. What antibiotics are useful for Agrobacterium?

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